Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle Modification

You won’t experience transformation until you commit to change.

FirstLine Therapy is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle program unlike any other. It targets the foundations of healthy living by incorporating a sensible eating plan, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and stress management.

FirstLine Therapy helps you:


  • Take simple steps every day that will help guide you to a path of healthy living.
  • Adopt habits of living that may delay the onset of illness in old age and possibly reverse disease progression and risk factors.
  • We offer nutritional advice focused to the individual's needs and targets. Initial consultations usually last 60-90 minutes, client’s current diet is assessed and goals discussed. Advice is then given on diet and eating patterns to achieve goals.
  • Follow up consultations last 45-60 minutes where the patient's progress is assessed and discussed, changes are made where necessary and ongoing support is provided.
  • Diet plans are available and target to the patient's needs and goals; from weight loss, healthy eating, lifestyle modification, or sports nutrition.
  • A complete dietary analysis is also offered, where the patient provides a diet diary which is analyzed and a report produced, showing protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin and mineral intake, together with recommended changes to diet.

The following key characteristics are unique to the FirstLine Therapy program:

  • It’s a personalized lifestyle medicine program designed to help you achieve better health
  • Most programs are focused on lowfat diets. But FirstLine Therapy emphasizes the importance of whole foods, low glycemic, plant-based eating plan
  • The appropriate use of medical foods and supplements may enhance program effectiveness and may help support you in your healthy goals

Your personal FirstLine Therapy program includes:

  • Health screening
  • Body composition analysis
  • Customized health plans
  • Lifestyle and behavioral coaching
  • Personalized food plans
  • Physical activity recommendations
  • Targeted nutritional support
  • Tracking tools

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